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Missed out on your chance to get discounted Warped Tickets? [19 Apr 2007|03:42am]

If you missed the opportunity to purchase Warped tickets through the 2007 Vans Warped Tour Presented by AT&T Pre-Sale, it's your lucky day. There are still a few tickets left for select dates. Just send the following information via e-mail to musictodayou@yahoo.com and you will be contacted by a MusicToday representative to place your order. We will only be offering tickets through 5pm TODAY (Thursday, April 19) - so make sure you tell all your friends. If you have any questions - feel free to shoot us an e-mail.

1. First and Last Name
2. Contact Phone Number
3. Name of the Concert or Concerts for which you would like to purchase Warped Tour presale tickets
4. Number of Tickets that you would like to purchase.

Tickets are offered at a discounted rate: only $20.24! Check out these ticket savings through the pre-sale (prices taken from ticketmaster.com)
7/14 Dallas, TX: $29.50 (Save $9.26!)
7/29 Minneapolis, MN $29.75 (Save $9.51!)
8/3 Cincinnati, Ohio: $31.75 (Save $11.51!)
8/2 Cleveland, Ohio: $33.50 (Save $13.26!)

Tickets for the following shows are no longer available as they are sold out:
San Francisco
Carson (Los Angeles)
Tinley Park (Chicago)
Uniondale (New York City)

The following shows are still ON-SALE through the pre-sale:
7/3 – Vancouver, BC – Thunderbird Stadium – University of British Columbia – Presale ends FRIDAY, APRIL 27TH at 5PM EASTERN TIME
8/9 – Mansfield (Boston), MA – Tweeter Center – Presale ends FRIDAY, APRIL 20th at 4PM EASTERN TIME***
8/19 – St. Helens (Portland), OR – Columbia Meadows – Presale ends SUNDAY, JULY 15th at 8 AM Eastern Time
8/9 – Mansfield (Boston), MA – Tweeter Center – Presale ends FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH at 4PM EASTERN TIME***

Click to Purchase Tickets

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Last Call! Warped Pre-Sale ENDS FRIDAY at 5pm! [10 Oct 2007|10:54pm]

Don't miss your last chance to get discounted tickets to the 2007 Vans Warped Tour Presented by AT&T! The Pre-Sale will be ending this Friday, April 13, 2007 at 5pm.

Look at the Savings!
$33.50 - Ticketmaster On-Sale Base Price for the 8/2 Cleveland Show
$20.25 - Pre-Sale Ticket Base Price
= $13.25 in SAVINGS!


- Limited Edition 2007 "Lucky 13" Tour T-Shirt
- 2007 Double CD Compilation Album for $3.50
- Discounted 12 month Alternative Press Magazine Subscription also including a "Cut the Autograph Line" Pass

Check our myspace page for all confirmed bands and dates

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Warped Pre-Sales Ending This Week! [04 Apr 2007|02:58am]

The following pre-sales for the 2007 Vans Warped Tour Presented by AT&T will be ending this week! Take advantage while you can of the discounted ticket offers and exclusive giveaways. For more info, please visit http://www.myspace.com/warpedpresale

7/15 – Houston, TX – Reliant Park - Presale ends THURSDAY, APRIL 5th at 5PM Eastern Time
8/2 – Cleveland, OH – Time Warner Cable Amphitheater at Tower City – Presale ends THURSDAY, APRIL 5th at 5PM Eastern Time
8/4 - Uniondale (New York City), NY - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - Presale ends THURSDAY, APRIL 5th at 10 AM Eastern Time

**There are only about 25 tickets left at the pre-sale price for the Warped stop at Nassau Coliseum. Get them while you can.


Warped Tour: Street Team

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[25 Jan 2006|11:53am]

Does anyone know who directed Matchbook Romance's new video 'Monsters'? I can't stop watching it!!!!

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[21 Nov 2005|02:12pm]

Lately I've been getting into hardcore and haven't found anything new thats too exciting, but this band "I Am Ghost"... whoa, amazing. They are really unique, I can't even describe them. I really recommend checking out one of their songs here! Also! When did Epitaph get the new site layout? Its insane!!! Are there any bands similar to these guys that you recommend?

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[18 Aug 2005|05:37pm]

Has anyone checked out Hellcat's latest band, Orange? Think mini-Rancid meets mini-Sum 41... I just came across some of their songs here. These guys sound pretty good! What do you think?

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[09 Aug 2005|10:37am]

Anyone into Motion City Soundrack here? I thought some of you might be interested to know they are going to be on MTV TOMORROW night for the "10 Spot Drop". They're supposed to be interviewed and premiering the video for "Everything is Alright". I think the new video is up on the mtv site right now too, if you want to check it out before it's premired! Its really an awesome video! You can download the song for free on MTV.com too, plus they are supposed to have some free Motion City Soundrack ringtones and other stuff next week!
They are also supposed to be on Conan O'Brien on August 17. Plus they're Warped Tour right now and will be on the Nintendo Fusion Tour in the Fall!

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[04 Aug 2005|01:59pm]

I'm really just getting into Pennywise, so help me out! Has anyone heard anything about their new release 'The Fuse'? I just picked up one of their older cds and would like to get another one. I've read one review on it and it was said to be an amazing record!!! What do you think?

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Memories. [27 Dec 2004|11:46pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I just found this community. :)

In 1998, when I was in 8th grade, my friend and I would pass the time while waiting for the city bus by playing out the scene where Georgie died verbatim.

I've seen the movie and read the book countless times... I love the book but I wish I could make a newer version of "IT" that follows the book a bit more closely than the movie. Don't get me wrong, the movie is awesome, but they left out so many parts...and changed so many others.
It'd also be about a million hours long, but...! In the movie, isn't Beverly's dad the school janitor? He doesn't do this in the book. They completely cut out the 21 Neibolt Street and Eddie's leper; there is no smokehole ritual and the climax of the movie is lame compared to the book. Eddie also dies a virgin..? He was married to Myra!

Anyhow, I heard somewhere that they were going to make another IT -- which, I'm hoping, does the book more justice. I'll see if I can dig up the source.

Come home come home come home. Still the creepiest line in the entire book.

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[30 Sep 2004|06:27pm]

I think this community died...

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[09 May 2004|08:51pm]


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[18 Apr 2004|01:02am]

pennywise kicks ass.

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[12 Apr 2004|09:42pm]

Pennywise is awesome, enough said.

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[21 Nov 2003|11:39pm]

R.I.P Jonathan Brandis
He played one of the younger kids. Bill.

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[18 Sep 2003|01:46pm]

[ mood | sad ]

R.I.P John Ritter He played Benjamin 'Ben' Hascom

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[22 Jul 2003|08:51pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

""...and the clown looked back. I saw its eyes, and all at once I understood who it was."
"Who was it, Don?" Harold Gardener asked softly.
"It was Derry," ... "It was this town."
- Don Hagarty during his questioning by the police after Adrian Melon's death, It

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[18 Jul 2003|01:17pm]

[ mood | pessimistic ]

Do you think that there should be a It 2.
I think it would be cool, but how would that do the movie if they did?? hmm. *ponders*

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[15 Jul 2003|09:57pm]

[ mood | confused ]

So, lets like get this started yo. What is y'all's favorite scene from the movie??

Mine is when, grr i Can't remember the dudes name in the movie (Ben maybe?), I haven't seen it in soo long but anyways, When that guy goes into the bank (i think? lol I soo need to watch this movie again) and Penny is in there with the balloons hehe. Its a classic part. Another one is when Bev was in the bathroom and There is blood all over the sink....rawr.

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[15 Jul 2003|09:48pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

"They ALL float down here. When your down here with us, you'll float too!"

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[15 Jul 2003|09:32pm]

yay fer pennywise.

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